March 21 - Color Talk
Main Street Gallery, Evergreen, Colorado
An evening slideshow lecture for the Evergreen Artists Association encompassing psychological effects of color, color 'theory,' the use of color in arts and crafts of all kinds and how to use all aspects of color to create dramatic, eye-catching art. Based on my book Take Control of Color—Creating Drama & Impact in Arts & Crafts.
March 29 - Junior High School Glass Project
Evergreen Middle School, Evergreen, Colorado
The school is fortunate to possess the facilities for art students to undertake projects in fused glass. This year, as in the past five, I have collaborated with the art teacher to develop a novel, fused glass venture for the 8th grade (13-years-old) Advanced Art class to pursue that would teach them not only the practical aspects of cutting and assembling a glass project, but also some of the basic technology and terminology that is involved in working with glass. The glasswork was linked to a study of the art motifs associated with five cultures—Aboriginal, Japanese, Scandinavian, Egyptian and Southwest Native American. These motifs were re-created in fused glass with metal inclusions and some reverse embossing. Constraints were placed on the amount of color that could be used, to encourage focus on the use of the inclusions. The photograph shows the completed project, which is approx. 24" high x 18" on each pentagonal side.
June 17 - Watercolor Workshop in England
Brockhampton, Gloucestershire, England
A one-day workshop with half the day devoted to a lecture on color (see March 22: Color Talk above) plus practical color exercises. The rest of the day involves demonstrations and practice of watercolor techniques for foliage, foregrounds and rocks. Hopefully there will be time to deal with students' watercolor difficulties on an individual basis.

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